Mental Health


Companion Health will support you and help you to realize your goals during your journey with mental illness. We will assist you with daily activities, household tasks, personal activities, group activities among others. We will support you through your lowest times and get you back on track with life.

Our highly trained Mental Health Support Workers are enthusiastic and competent. We understand that life can sometimes be challenging, and at some point, everyone needs some mental health support in their life experience.

We provide mental health support services for people living across Perth and the surrounding areas. We have a tailored approach, specific to your needs and life stage. We want to help support you to continue participating in your work and community, to achieve a positive outcome.

We also have a dedicated team of Peer Support Workers, who have lived through similar experiences and will be with you through every step of your journey, providing support and guidance.

Reach us today to discuss how our individualized support services can help you.